"Strong visual concept of an emotional state that is well executed. I liked the fact that it was done without dialog and the main character conveyed emotions easily. Good work! Do more please." - Jim Keeshen
"Touching, delicate and beautiful. I love the stop motion, the character, and the setting. The story is perfectly narrated, although it has no words." -Cinzia Bottini
"A reasonably courageous film in a narrative sense –pulls it off. "- Malcolm Turner
"A poetic film which created some magic when the light reaches the drawings." -Kine Aune
Selection for the RIT School of Film and Animation Honors Show 2011
Screened at The Bridge Music and Art Festival, Vidin, Bulgaria. 
2nd Place Audience Choice at Art Monastery Short Film Festival, Italy. October 2011
Official Selection, LUMS Film Festival, Pakistan. February 2012
Official Selection, Be There! Animation Festival, Greece. March 2012
Official Selection, Life Fest Film Festival, California, USA. May 2012
Official Selection, Artsfest Film Festival, Pennsylvania, USA. May 2012
Official Selection, Blue Plum Animation Festival, Tennessee, USA. June 2012
Official Selection, California International Animation Festival, USA, June 2012
Official Selection, Central Florida Film Festival, Florida, USA. August 2012
Part of Lima (Peru) Film Festival, Peru. August 2012. 
Finalist: First Film, AniMazSpot Festival, California, USA. September 2012. 
Redemptive Storyteller Award, Redemptive Film Festival, Virigina, USA. November 2012.

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